roof generator // 80%

Any floor can get an actually floor to walk on. The roof is placed automatically.

clean up code // 0%

Clean up the visual scripting nodes and rewrite so that other people could look at it and understand the structure. This would make it easier for people to make adaptations in the future is the project is available on marketplace.

various 3d walls // 10%

These walls can be used to replace another wall from the building.

Adaptable materials // 20%

Within Substance Designer I will work on various materials that you can chose from and even adapt within UE4.


Building Selection System

This would allow you to select a side, floor, floor of side or a specific wall. Once selected you could alter what mesh and material should be placed in the selected area and possible other options.

Building blocks

This is part of the building blueprint. Building blocks are separate blocks of building within the same blueprint so that you could for example have a floor hang out over another floor and vice versa.

Vertex paint tool

Draw rain pools, mud or destruction on roads, buildings, etc.


road tool

Be able to build (various) roads, possibly buildings are directly generated based on the road shape.

Atmosphere tool

Allow to change the overall mood of the environment by changing the daytime, weather and possible other things.